You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop. Rumi

About Me

Professional Counsellor

My name is Anthea Pablow and I have 25 years experience in the counselling profession.

I have worked with a countless number of people from many walks of life and in a variety of contexts, such as health in the NHS, in education and in the private sector.


”Anthea helped me to rebuild myself following burn out at work. The journey of self-discovery and learning about myself has made me more self-aware. I can now stop living in fear of failure and move forwards.”

I found Anthea to be particularly generous with her compassion and hugely insightful in helping me understand and address issues causing me concern. The counselling has definitely helped me turn a corner and rebuild confidence in myself. Anthea is probably one of the best therapists I have encountered and the work with her has been challenging and yet due to her tempering it with much kindness it has been hugely beneficial for me

”First I was able to gain a real sense of perspective on my problem of helplessness and then understand and develop mechanisms and strategies to continue to deal with it.”


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